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You may want to find an iPhone keylogger to log keystrokes on an iPhone to protect your kids or catch a cheating spouse. This guide is to help you find out which is the best iPhone keylogger to choose, which is not iPhone keylogger, which are scams.

iPhone keylogger

Why to find an iPhone keylogger?

  • For parents as a parental control
  • For company mangers as an employee monitoring tool
  • For any one who want to find out the truth when iPhone is not in hand
  • Get back a lost of stolen iPhone

There is no problem to understand that people may search for iPhone keyloggers after you know its uses. But there is few iPhone keylogger to choose. There are iPhone keyloggers and iPhone Spy apps, so you should buy an iPhone Keylogger or iPhone Spy app according to your requirements. Here are the tips about how to choose the right iPhone Keylogger.

I want to log keystrokes, websites, screenshots and send logs to my Email secretly.

iKeyMonitor is the best and the only choice. Only this iPhone Keylogger can work on iPhones and record keystrokes smoothly. Be careful of other iPhone keylogger as it is mostly scam or poor desined which may leak your privacy info or freeze your device. iKeyMonitor is developered by the famous monitoring solution provider – Awosoft. It also works on iPad and iPod Touch.

iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone/iPad

  • Log Keystrokes & Passwords
  • Record SMS and WhatsApp
  • Track Safari Website History
  • Take Periodical Screenshots
  • Deliver Logs via Email/FTP
  • Auto Start & Run in Stealth
  • Enable/Disable Remotely
  • Password Protected

Learn more about iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger

iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger Screenshots

iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger Main Screen

I want to track SMS, Calls, GPS locations, SIM, but no Keystrokes

Mobile Spy is your choice. Mobile spy is an iPhone spy app which tracks SMS, Calls, GPS locations and SIM changes. But it doesn’t record keystrokes. With Mobile Spy you can monitor the mobile activities and even remotely control the iPhone.

Mobile Spy for iPhone

  • Log SMS, Calls, Contacts
  • Track Target GPS Locations
  • Monitor Social Networks
  • Record Messenger Chats
  • View/Control with Live Screen
  • Log Videos, Photos and Webs
  • Track Apps, Tasks, Calendar
  • Check Logs via Online Account

Go to Mobile Spy website to learn more about it.

Note: Mobile Spy doesn’t work with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C running with iOS 7.

Benefits of iPhone Keylogger

Many employers may supply workers with iPhone and smart phone devices. These employers can benefit a log from iPhone keylogger app . Mobile Spy and iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger help them to effectively monitor their staff. They are also helpful when it comes to scheduling and tracking employee phones. The benefits of an iPhone keylogger app are great for personal and professional use.

Archive types

A Keylogger for iPhone App can help you archive types so you can know what SMS messages you sent, what keystrokes you typed with the iPhon virtual keyboard

Get back a forgotten Password

If you want to get a Password on iPhone, you will need an iPhone Keylogger which can record keystrokes include passwords. These passwords include app store password, email password and any other app passwords.

Monitor activities on iPhone

With iPhone keylogger, you will know what messages are sent on iPhone such as Facebook chat messages, emails. You can also know the websites visited. Taken screenshots will help you view what exactly happened on the iPhone.

A Keylogger App for iPhone allows customers to monitor all of their cell phones. This is good for families and for businesses as well.

Where to buy an iPhone Keylogger?


Where to buy an iPhone Spy App?

Get Mobile Spy

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