Keylogger for iPhone | Keylogger for iPad | Keylogger for iPodTouch

iKeyMonitor is an iOS Keylogger for iPhone that logs key presses, records web history and take screenshots on iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch. All the logs can be sent to a specified Email box or FTP space.

iKeyMonitor runs in hidden mode on iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch and cannot be detected. Without any popups or alerts, no one except you knows its existence.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor:

  • Record Safari web history
  • Take periodical screenshots
  • Log keystrokes (coming soon)
  • Send logs to preset Email
  • Upload logs to FTP space
  • Start to work automatically
  • Run invisibly in stealth mode
  • Password protection available

iKeyMonitor Compatibility:

  • Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch
  • iOS 3.X – 5.X


  1. To install iKeyMonitor onto your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, please jailbreak them and get Cydia accessible first.
  2. iKeyMonitor is for parents, guardians, employers and any one who owns the target device or have right to monitor.
  3. Please respect the local law when you are using iKeyMonitor. The author of this app is not responsible for inappropriate use or damage caused by this app.

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